2022 Wedding Ideas: Tips, Trends and Color Palettes

Although we had some absolutely incredible moments in 2021, we are fully recharged and more ready than ever to dive straight into 2022 wedding ideas. We have a busy year ahead here at Elite wedding and event planning (we are fully booked for 2022 and are already starting to book for 2023!) and let’s just say, we are ready to skip to the good part! Today on the blog, we are sharing some wedding design tips for couples in 2022 (and 2023!) as well as what we are seeing in wedding trends and color palettes this year that we couldn’t be more excited about. We don’t necessarily specialize in “trends” over here (after all, ballrooms are NOT our thing), but below are just a few things that we think even the most untraditional wedding couples can get inspired by.

cascading florals over a fireplace for ceremony decor at Lundy Farm

Photography Credit: Monika Eisenbart Photography

Wedding Design Advice in 2022

We take design pretty seriously around here. You can read a little bit more about our process of working with our wedding planning and design clients here, but we wanted to share just a few pieces of advice for those looking to start the inspiration process on their own.

First, choose your attire before finalizing your color palette.

We know that choosing your wedding colors is often one of the fun parts! When you start to think about your wedding day vision, your mind might jump to a bright spring color palette, or you might love the darker and moody colors that fall and winter bring. Before you finalize your wedding colors though, we recommend shopping for your attire. After all, you may fall in love with the blush wedding dress you weren’t expecting or find yourself obsessing over an emerald green suit. We want you to look and feel incredible on your wedding day. It’s much easier to fit your wedding color palette around your attire, than your attire around your wedding colors!

Second, use neutral colors as your base. Have fun playing with bolder colors!

In the world of Pinterest weddings, it can quickly become overwhelming to commit to a certain color palette. We LOVE to work with our couples to infuse bold color palettes – you DON’T need to stick to the white and greenery trends we are seeing – but using neutral colors as your base can be a much easier place to start when creating your wedding color palette.

Third, Mix in Metallics!

When you think of your wedding colors, don’t be afraid to mix in metallics! Adding elements of rose gold, gold, copper, or silver is an easy way to add a little extra interest to your overall wedding design. Gold cutlery has been trending for the past few years but you don’t have to limit yourself to just table settings. Consider adding foil and metallic details to your stationery or other unexpected wedding day pieces.

black and white wedding invitations

Photography Credit: Katie Osgood Photography

Lastly, there is no limit to the number of colors you use on your wedding day.

The days of choosing 1-2 colors for your wedding day and using them everywhere are, thankfully, over. For most weddings, choosing 4-5 colors is a great place to be. You can start with two primary colors and then add secondary colors for other special pops of color and personal touches.

Here’s a little extra tip: the flowers don’t have to be the bold color choice. It can be equally stunning to chose a fun linen and keep the florals more neutral (and work with what’s naturally in season). Here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning, we love to start with the linen on the table and build out the design from there.

wedding table decor setup with lace pattern linen

Photography Credit: Monika Eisenbart Photography

2022 Wedding Ideas

We hope the above advice is helpful, but now, let’s dive straight into what we are seeing (and loving!) for our 2022 and 2023 weddings.

Pantone announced “Very Peri” as the Color of the Year for 2022

Pantone is known for having its finger on the pulse when it comes to all things color, and I personally love their choice of “Very Peri” (a stunning periwinkle hue) for this year’s “color of the year”. I think we are going to see this stunning hue brought to life for many spring and summer weddings in 2022 and 2023. Softer colors are always popular in the springtime and this blue-purple hue will make an easy addition to an outdoor wedding palette.

Speaking of blue wedding colors…

Blue is coming back in a big way in the wedding industry. Who doesn’t want more than one something blue? A blue and white wedding color palette goes well with many complementary colors such as yellows, peaches, and pinks and based on what we are seeing so far, will be very popular for spring and summer in 2022. We love how many unique ways couples are using this classic wedding tone!

Summer Weddings are feeling bold.

Although we love seeing soft spring color palettes, when we look to see 2022 wedding ideas for the summer, we can’t help but love how bright and bold our couples are going! Remember to take our advice from earlier: start with a neutral base and add the bold colors in after. Don’t forget to think outside of solid colors either. We love a bold pattern or layering different textures to create something uniquely you on your wedding day.

Goodbye Blush and Burgundy

Blush and Burgundy have been dominating wedding color palettes for the past several years, and couples are ready to try something new. Don’t get me wrong, we have loved this past color palette (and had fun as designers try and come up with new and interesting ways to use the same colors!). However, as 2022 begins, we love how adventurous our couples are getting when it comes to trying something completely new.

Want a new take on a classic? A Black and White Color Palette will always be trending.

Like we mentioned above, neutrals are a great place to start if you are unsure what colors you would like at your wedding. Choosing black and white accents is a great starting palette to work with and looks great whether you chose to incorporate soft or bold colors down the road. Taking that one step further, a classic black and white color palette will always be trending on its own. Just because we are loving some of the new 2022 wedding color trends doesn’t mean we don’t like to reinvent a classic and make it your own.

Planning your Wedding in 2022 or 2023

Are you feeling inspired yet? We hope so! As wedding planners who tend to specialize in the unique and untraditional, we want to take one more moment to remind you to take these trends and run with them. It’s okay if you don’t “fit the mold”. You can choose bold prints and patterns, or soft lace table cloths. You can host a grand affair celebrating your love with everyone you know, or pare your guest list down to just your closest family and friends. If 2022 is all about living unapologetically, we are here for it and want to remind you that your wedding day is no exception. If you are looking for a wedding planning team in Upstate New York, you can learn more about working with our team here.