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5 Unique Wedding Color Palettes

Unique Wedding Color Palettes

Color is an essential element to every wedding. From reception decor to invitations – it’s all about color. Color sets the mood, creates the look and evokes the senses. 

Check out these 5 unique wedding color palettes and tips on how to use color! 

Tip:  Try to use your color palette in unique ways such as a signature cocktail.  Check out the color palette below!

Colors: Mint, Peach, Antique Gold

Mood: Romantic 


Mint Peach Gold Color Palette  peach_mint_bouquet green lemonadewedding bar sign













table setting wedding










TIP: Consider how the color makes you feel and what it means to you. Blue may make you feel a sense of relaxation and calmness and think of the beach, the sky or even a special place. It’s important to consider what mood you want to set when choosing your wedding colors.

Inspiration: Tiffany’s Jewelry Box 

Colors: Tiffany Blue, Silver, Pearl White

Mood: Calming 

Tiffant Blue Wedding | Elite Wedding PlanningTiffany Blue Wedding | Elite Wedding Planning


Tiffany Blue Wedding Reception | Elite Wedding Planningwedding uplighting










TIP: Try using a textured or patterned linen when you have a large space to fill on your table. Colors, patterns and textures make the table look complete. Ribbon is also an inexpensive and great way to incorporate texture and color into the decor. Check out the color palette below and see how colors, textures and patterns are incorporated into attire and decor.

Inspiration: Lemons

Color: Lemon Yellow, Stone Gray, Bright White

Mood: Happiness and Sunshine


yellow and gray wedding decor

yellow and gray

yellow and gray wedding

beach wedding

ribbon wedding chair back

wedding charis with Ribbon


TIP: Think outside the box and try using a color wheel to assist you. You might just come up with some fun color combinations. If you don’t own one you can pick one up at a craft or art supply store. Check out the palette below for something bold!

Inspiration: Color Wheel

Color: Purple, Magenta & Orange

Mood: Fun and Exciting

color wheel

orange and pink wedding lounge
red orange purple centerpieces
orange purple cake

red purple orange wedding decor

orange purple red bouquet




TIP: Color doesn’t just have to be used in wedding flowers, cake, attire or table settings. Try adding colored fabric or lighting to give some uniqueness to your decor. Here’s another amazing color palette that incorporates color with fabric and lighting.

Color: Violet, Gold and White 


purple green and white

purple lighting

purple and gold wedding cake

brooch bouquet

purple and gold wedding table

purple and gold wedding invitations

purple gold wedding menu

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