Barn and Farm Venues

barn wedding hayfield catskills

If you are dreaming of a country wedding weekend where your guests can gather for festivities in a relaxed environment a barn or farm venue might be the perfect fit for you. What we love most about these style venues are the endless possibilities for creating something different. There are no rules or limitations as to what your wedding could look like.

Barns feature some unique architectural elements.  They can have high open arched ceilings, old rustic beam, wood shingled roofs, mezzanines, and wide plank wood floors. The newer barns also have some modern design elements such as steel walls, inudstrial lighting, edgy bathroom fixtures and full kitchens.  In addition, some of the most beautiful barns are situate on large farms with sprawling acres of land, gorgeous mountain views and wooded areas perfect for a magical forest ceremony. If your heart is set on finding the perfect barn or farm then you might want to know the answers to these commonly asked questions.

How many guests can a barn venue accommodate?

We get lots of questions from couples when searching for this style venue. The most often asked question is “How many guests can a barn hold?” The guest list is the first place you start after setting your wedding date so the first thing you need to know is if the venue can accommodate your guest list. Most barns can hold up to 125 comfortably, although there are a few new ones that have the potential to hold up to 200. So if you anticipate over 125 guests your barn venue  selection may be limited. However, if you find a barn situate on a large farm you may be able to add a tent. Keep in mind that would be an additional cost to figure in your budget. Farm venues can usually accommodate a much larger guest count, often up to 300.

What do we need to provide?

Most barn venues require you to bring in a significant amount of rental items such as tables, chairs, china, linens, cookware, cook tent and sometime lighting.  You should plan to allocate more of your budget towards rentas when booking this style venue. In addition, if parking is limited you may have the additional expense for shuttles to trasnport your guests. Farm venues often require you to bring in portable trailer bathrooms in addition to the basic rentals. These are a few of the many other factors you should consider before booking a barn or farm venue.

If you think this type of venue matches your style or you have more questions before booking your venue, get in touch with us to start your venue search! You can reach us at 845-430-6394, or through our contact page.