Estate Wedding Venues

Estate wedding venues have captured our hearts. We love the luxurious look and feel they bring to a wedding. If you are looking for a sophisticated style to wow your guests this could be the right venue for you.

There are several reasons we love estate wedding venues. One reason is their natural beauty. With the well-manicured gardens, fountains and panoramic views, you are guaranteed a perfect backdrop for your wedding. In addition, they can accommodate a large number of guests. Most estates venues have acres of property and can offer you the flexibility needed to customize your wedding reception. And we love venues that can be transformed in so many different

You should keep in mind a few key things when considering this style venue:

  • You will need to add additional costs of renting a tent and other required items to your budget.
  • A rain plan will need to be considered and properly planned for.
  • A large team of vendors and a wedding planner will be necessary to manage the day.

Now that you know a little more about estate wedding venues, are you ready to start searching? With our venue search service, we will create a custom portfolio for you outlining all of the details of your preferred venues. After that, it’s on to the fun part of touring each venue. For more details, send us an email at or fill out our contact form.