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We have the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing women in planning their weddings and,  sometimes, we even get to give back and support their businesses. That’s exactly what happened with our bride Heather, owner of Dearly threaded. She hired us for wedding services but little did we know we would be supporting her in more ways than planning. We worked with Heather on creating beautiful custom Elite tote bags for our brides shortly after she hired us. Our clients can’t stop raving about them and they get so much use on the wedding day. With such an overwhelming amount of love for these totes we decided we needed to share more about Heather’s business with other couples not working with us because she has so much to offer couples getting married.

So let me introduce you to Heather, creative girl boss and owner of Dearly Threaded.  She shared a bit about herself and business in our Instagram Live a few months back and we put together this recap for those of you who missed the Live. Read on to learn about her custom embroidery business, Dearly Threaded.

Q: Can you tell our followers a little bit about your background and why you started Dearly Threaded?

A: I’ll make a long story short: I started my company back in 2017. At the time, I was working my 9-5, corporate job in homeowners insurance which was completely sucking the life out of me. I have always been a super creative person and being able to be creative at work is something I’ve always desired in a career. But working in insurance, I had no outlet for creativity. In fact, it was the complete opposite because we had to follow strict policies. 

After seeing how miserable I was for about 2 straight years, it was my fiancé who actually came up with the idea. He has owned a screen printing company for the last 10 or so years and they we’re getting a ton of requests for embroidery since in the industry, screen printing and embroidery go hand in hand. He said ‘You can do the embroidery!’ So we began doing ton of research, online and at trade shows. Eventually, I found an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I thought ‘oh, I can actually do this’. So I bought my first machine and quit my job with benefits, job security and 401k on a limb. I quickly took off running.

It’s funny how everything works out because 4 months into my new endeavor, Ian proposed to me on a trip we were on out west in Moab, Utah at the Arches National Park.

Q: Can you share with us some of the most popular items you?

A: I designed a denim jacket with white floral and text covering the back of the jacket that I actually designed for my own wedding. I posted the listing on my page thinking maybe I would sell a few every now and then. Well since then, this jacket has quickly become my best seller, and to this day, I still can’t even believe it. I then started offering custom bridal jacket designs and have done jackets for baseball player’s wives, football player’s fiance’s, fashion bloggers, etc. It has truly been incredible.

jean jacket by Dearly Threaded

heather and Ian - Audrey's farmhouse wedding (Dearly Threaded)

Photo credit: Forever Photography

Coordination by: Elite Wedding and Event Planning

Q: What’s your favorite custom design to date or something you would love to design for a bride that you have not yet done?

A: Custom demin jackets give me life. I’m so grateful when bride’s order with signature white floral but I also love when they come to me with unique ideas that I get to bring to life. I would also love to do more jackets for kids and perhaps even pets!

bride in jean jacket

Q: Custom robes are a popular item I see at a lot of weddings. Is that an item you have done in the past and, if so, what’s the process like for ordering these or any item from you? How long is the turnaround time roughly?

A: Absolutely. Satin robes, cotton robes, waffle robes, any kinds of robe. We can literally stitch anything. I give brides to option to bring or send me robes that they’ve already purchased or I do have suppliers as well that I can use to provide the robes for them. Then I typically will need around 2 weeks to complete the monograms or design of their choice.

waffle robes wedding

sun hat future mrs

Q: I am so happy to be working with you on your wedding day! I’d love for you to share one piece of advice you’ve learned from your own journey on how to truly enjoy the planning process?

A: Work life balance is super important. Regardless of how busy I am with work, I always find time to set aside for wedding planning, which has been such a joy. My fiancé and I will typically make a pact to not work on Sundays so we can focus on wedding related tasks or appointments.

You can see all the details of Heather’s beautiful day in our Portfolio here!

We hope you enjoyed reading more about Heather and her business! Feel free to reach out to her on instagram @dearlythreaded or her Etsy Store front to make a purchase. 

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