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Hudson Valley Destination Wedding

Important Questions to Ask on Your Venue Tour

Are you planning a Hudson Valley destination wedding? Well, you’ve found the right blog (and wedding planners)! We have everything you need to know about planning your wedding in the Hudson Valley. If you haven’t read our last blog post on Hudson Valley Wedding Venue – Important Questions to Consider Before Starting Your Venue Search, then head over there and read that one first. Now that you have narrowed your search to your top venues, it’s time to tour those venues. We’ve put together a list of our top questions to ask when touring venues to help you on your way. 

What does the site fee include? 

You want to make sure you know everything that will be included ahead of time so you can budget properly. Some of those items include linens, chairs, tables, accommodations, porta-potties, set up, clean up, lighting, parking, valet service, etc. Rentals can get expensive and add up quickly so do your homework.

Scriber's lodge - Hunter NY wedding

When can you check-in, and when do you have to check out by? 

This important, so you know how much setup and breakdown time you will have.  It will also help you determine if you can do it all or will need to enlist a professional team to help you. 

Can your guests’ check-in at anytime (if there are onsite accommodations)? 

If your guests are traveling far, they may not arrive until late evening. 

Do you need liability insurance, and if so, how much? 

It’s important to know this so you can include the cost in your budget.

How late can your event go? 

Every town has a noise ordinance. You don’t want to end up booking a venue to find out later that the music has to end by 10 if you were counting on a late night of fun.

bonfire late night party - barn at liberty farms

Can you select any caterer you want, or do they have to be on the venue’s pre-approved list? 

Some venues require you use one of their approved caterers because they know the venue rules and have a good working relationship. You want to make sure there is a caterer you like before you book.

Are there restrictions on how the grounds can be set up? 

Some venues require the tent, porta-potties, or other rentals to be set up in a specific location. If you have a particular vision for how you want things set up, you want to make sure it is allowed before you book! 

Do they have a catering kitchen, or do you need to rent everything for the caterer? 

Your rental items are a big part of the budget so know what you need before committing to a venue. 

What is the venue’s rain plan, and what are the grounds like when it rains? 

This is important to know because you could have extra rental expenses if there is no indoor rain plan. It’s essential to see how the grounds are after rain because drainage may be a problem on the grounds. You might want to ask other brides what their experience was or even consult a wedding professional who may have worked at the venue. 

crested hern farms - tent wedding

What else do I need to know?

Of course, this isn’t our complete list, but it should get you started in the right direction. If you are having trouble narrowing your search or just want an expert to take care of everything for you, reach out to us. Our inbox is always open, and we are ready to assist you. Email: or give us a call at 845-430-6394.