5 Unique Floral Arrangements from Your Hudson Valley Florist

Our 2022 wedding season will definitely be one to remember! With some of these weddings still being rescheduled from 2020, some of these weddings have been YEARS in the making. It’s been so rewarding watching wedding days come to life, and to feel back to “business as usual”. Because we really really love, “business as usual”. As we start to wind down the 2023 season, we are starting to kick things off with our 2023 wedding couples who are bringing in fresh new energy too! We are absolutely INSPIRED. If you are looking for your wedding planners, reach out here. We have been working in the Hudson Valley for almost a decade now, and we love logistically challenging venues. Planning an outdoor tented wedding at home? In love with a wedding venue that provides nothing and gives you complete creative control? You’ve found the right wedding team!

florals for ceremony huppah

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1. Choose Floor Arrangements for your Ceremony Florals

The first thing to ask your Hudson Valley florist about is your ceremony florals. One of the biggest trends we are watching now is the move away from traditional arch arrangements. Instead, couples are choosing to get creative with floral arrangements, which don’t distract their guests from the ceremony (and views from the venue!) as much. Even if you are dreaming of a jaw-dropping statement floral arrangement at the top of the aisle, you might consider two pillars in lieu of an arch that sits behind you (or is decorated above you!).

wedding ceremony florals at Hudson Valley wedding

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ceremony floral pillars

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2. Ask your Hudson Valley Florist about Signage

Is there any piece of decor that can’t be made better with florals? We tend to think so! Before you meet with your Hudson Valley florist, think about any wedding day signage you have already. The most common way to do this is adding a floral arrangement to the top of your wedding sign, but you don’t need to limit yourself there. Lately, we have been bringing in florals more and more as fundamental pieces instead of something you “add to the top” and I have to say, we are loving the results. Although we love creating the overall wedding design, we also love recommending Hudson Valley florists who we can trust to take our ideas and make them even better. We highly recommend you do the same when looking for your wedding vendors!

3. Add floral accents on mirrors, swings, and other fun elements.

On top of that, does the venue have any unique features (like a swing)? In general, you should always start with what you have already and make it better, instead of just finding more and more things to add. Often when we design a wedding, we know that less is more (relatively). We like to start with an untraditional wedding venue so we can build from the ground up, and focus on adding pieces that will give you and your guests the biggest wow factor. We also tend to believe that everything can be made better with more flowers!

photo booth florals

Photographer: Forged in the North

4. Include Florals in your Escort Card Display

As Hudson Valley wedding planners for almost a decade now, we love pushing the envelope and coming up with unique wedding ideas. One place to create an impact? Your escort card displays. For one of our weddings this past June, we used garden boxes, filled with white flowers and greenery, and used garden stakes to hold up guests’ names. Not only was this display stunning, but it also provided a more exciting experience as guests searched for their names. When you start to work with your Hudson Valley florist, don’t forget to ask about your own unique escort display (or other “stations” your guests will be interacting with) so can add florals to create a more dimensional experience.

Hudson Valley florist escort card display

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Hudson Valley wedding decor for escorts

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5. Hanging Floral Chandeliers over the Dance Floor

Hanging floral chandeliers over the dance floor or over the reception tables is a great way to anchor the space and draw the eye to the center of the room. When you’re trying to create a sense of height and maybe some understated grandeur, this is a great way to do it. When working with untraditional wedding venues, creating statement pieces like hanging floral chandeliers is even more appreciated. Plus – unlike some other floral arrangements – floral chandeliers never block the views! If you ask your Hudson Valley florist about just one statement piece, we believe it should be this one.

overhead floral arrangement from NY florist

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overhead floral installation from Hudson Valley florist

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Planning your Hudson Valley wedding florals

As wedding planners, we love the logistics. But design? Especially in untraditional wedding venues? That’s where we really love to roll up our sleeves. We hope that this post has given you a little taste (and inspiration) of all the possibilities you can bring to your Hudson Valley florist. When it comes to hiring your wedding vendors, make sure to check out this post for a better idea of which wedding vendors to hire first (and when). We will ALWAYS recommend a wedding planner being the first vendor you hire (to help you create a cohesive wedding day vision and avoid costly mistakes), and if you are still looking for your wedding planning team, we would love to hear from you. If you are in the beginning stages of planning, you can learn more about working with us here, or head over to Instagram to see more Hudson Valley wedding inspiration in your feed!