As Thanksgiving rounds the corner, we have so much to be grateful for here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning. After all, in a few months, we will be celebrating 10 YEARS in business!! We really are so grateful to be able to do what we love and work with the most incredible couples year after year. Today, I thought it would be fitting to recognize one of our favorite Hudson Valley wedding coordinators here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning: Danielle West! I don’t think we have ever *officially* introduced her on the blog, which is crazy because, after two years of working side by side, I don’t want to remember a world where she wasn’t part of the team!!

elite wedding and event planning team

How She Came to Join Our Team at Elite Wedding and Event Planning

For 8 years, Danielle was the Event & Sales Manager at Highlands Country Club in Garrison NY. There, she was thrown into the wedding and event industry and has been in love ever since. In her own words, she loved being able to engage with people from all walks of life and gain first-hand experience with executing different events from baby showers to galas.

Here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning, we like to do things a little differently. We don’t do ballrooms and instead, specialize in working with unique wedding venues and designing events from the ground up. When Danielle decided to leave Highlands Country Club and join our team as a Hudson Valley wedding coordinator, she said that she loved our brand, this is what she said.

“I wanted to work at Elite Wedding and Event Planning because they push the envelope with creativity and many of the events take place in non-traditional settings!  This has really allowed me to think out of the box and expand my skill set.  Also, the work environment is very nurturing and organized.  That was very important to me!” – Danielle

As someone who has put their heart and soul into this business for almost a decade now, this makes my heart melt a little. It has been so incredibly rewarding to not only see my own vision come to life, but have others join my team that see the vision too. Danielle is such a great fit for the team that when I asked for her favorite venue so far, she couldn’t choose!

Hudson Valley wedding planner team


As 2021 quickly comes to an end, the entire team is looking ahead at 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited for everything coming up. But first, we wanted to take a second to reflect on the incredible year we just had!

In 2021, Danielle became a huge fan of “Sequel Weddings”. Since weddings were postponed or canceled many couples had legal ceremonies in 2020 and planned their wedding day later when they could safely celebrate with their family and friends.  Ultimately, Sequel Weddings allow couples to celebrate in a more intimate way and create an even more memorable experience for their guests. 

When we were talking about lessons learned in 2021, one of the things Danielle brought up was patience. The past two years have been a rollercoaster for everyone and Danielle mentioned how important it is to make a connection with your couples and listen to one another. We couldn’t agree more!

As we look toward 2022 wedding trends, we also talked about our love of color (check out this post on how to design your wedding colors if you are interested!). Danielle said that she’s most looking forward to the darker color palettes that are starting to trend right now.

“I am a fan of color and I love the complexity of these rich colors for the fall season.  It’s the perfect look for couples who want a wedding without the traditional hues.” – Danielle

designing a wedding in Hudson Valley

Wondering what’s worth the splurge on your wedding day? Danielle has some great advice! Splurge on what’s most important to you!  Whether it be a beautiful venue, amazing caterer, or outstanding entertainment.  If it speaks to you or adds significance to your wedding day it’s okay to spend a little extra.


Danielle has helped many couples over the last two years here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning, mostly working as a wedding day coordinator for our couples. Being on the front lines of so much around here, I wanted to give her a chance to share some advice as couples start to plan their 2022 and 2023 weddings!

First, for couples recently engaged, take time to enjoy your engagement!  Savor the moment with one another and then share it with the world. Discuss your vision for your wedding with one another and then hire a wedding planner. This will allow you to spend more time celebrating and avoid having the happiness of your engagement period overshadowed by the stress of planning!! When you start planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the smallest of details.  Our goal as planners is to let you cherish the journey because it is a process of self-discovery, creativity, and collaboration. Personally, my favorite part of the wedding planning/coordination process is meeting with new couples and hearing about their love story! 

working with a wedding planner

Wondering if you really need a wedding planner or coordinator?

If you have read this far, you probably already understand the importance of a wedding planner. We thought it would be fun to share a recent story anyway!

This fall, we experienced a severe hurricane that damaged our railway system and flooded the highways.  Needless to say, this delayed our linen order just days before the wedding.  We were reluctant enough to receive a partial linen order for the dining tables ONLY!  The dinner napkins and cocktail linens were expected to arrive the day after the wedding! 

Our couple was devastated because the specialty linens they selected tied in the color inspiration for their tablescapes.  Knowing how important this was to them I sprinted into action and contacted the local rental company to find linens and napkins that matched their original request.  Unfortunately, since we had such a small window, we were unable to find a napkin that matched perfectly. 

When I shared the news with our couple, they gave me other colors they would consider.  With those options, I made an executive decision on the napkin color.  During the reception, the Bride & Groom thanked me for all my hard work and the beautiful napkin selection!   They said they couldn’t have been happier and everything was perfect! 

Your wedding day is made up of a million moments. Having a wedding planner and/or wedding coordinator to support you is absolutely priceless. As Danielle says, the most rewarding moment is when couples thank us for helping their dream wedding come to life!

A Huge Thank You to Danielle for Being a Treasured Part of Elite Wedding and Event Planning!

Between Thanksgiving and the end of a remarkable wedding season, I can’t help but feel a wave of gratitude. We have had a chance to work with some outstanding couples, who have really rolled with the punches for the last couple of years with us. As we watched events (finally) come to life, it has been worth the wait.

With the types of weddings we plan here, it takes a village. In the last two years, Danielle has been SUCH an incredible addition to Elite Wedding and Event Planning. If you are currently planning a wedding in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Berkshires, or beyond, our team is ready and standing by. We would LOVE to hear about your wedding day vision and see how we can help bring it to life. To connect with our team directly, contact us here.