Searching for the perfect Hudson Valley Wedding Venue like an Expert

Happy Engagement to all the newly engaged couples! Now that he’s put a ring on it, it’s time to dive into that planning and start your search for a venue. We know how hard it can be to find the perfect venue when you have the entire world wide web to search and there is no shortage of places. If you are anything like the hundreds of other couples we speak with, you are about to brew a large pot of coffee and spend hours searching the internet for your wedding venue which will ultimately lead to frustration. Let us help make this process a bit easier for you. We are going to tell you what you need to know before you even start the journey so that you can spend time touring only the right wedding venues. It’s the same process we use when we help couples find the perfect venue with our scouting service.

Let’s dive into the prep step for your venue search.  This is a fairly simple process of asking yourself the following questions:

  • What time of the year do I want to get married (Season or month)?  It’s best to not narrow it down to a specific date because you could ultimately be eliminating a lot of beautiful venues because you want a specific date. Keep in mind the fall is super popular in the Hudson Valley and September and October book up fast. Sometimes those dates  are booked 18 months in advance so if you want to get married sooner than 18 months out I suggest you look at the less prime months of May, July and August.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Hayfield Catskills barn

Venue: Hayfield

  • Where will my guests be traveling from? Make a draft guest list to help you with this. It’s important to consider this because you might want to select an area that is near airports or train stations if you have a lot of out of town guests attending. Then you can start by searching for venues located within an hour drive of these locations.
  • What are my absolute top 3 must-haves in a venue? Some examples might be onsite accommodations, hotels nearby, outdoor ceremony spot, bathrooms, a bridal lounge, etc. Whatever is most important to you should be the key features you look for in making a decision on whether to visit the venue.

Lounge wedding at mohonk

Venue: Mohonk Mountain House

  • What can I live without if a venue doesn’t have it? Some examples might be a bonfire pit, onsite housing, in-house catering, etc. This is great to know so you can expand your search if you need to.
  • What’s my entire wedding budget amount? This really should be the most important of all the questions you ask yourself. You should never book a venue before you know what you have to spend on everything. I see so many couples overspending on venues which results in very little for their other must haves.  If you have no idea what you should be spending on a venue you really should create a very detailed line item budget of what you intend to spend on all items and then you can see what remains available for the venue. It’s a process of working backwards to get to the amount you can afford.
  • What style venue do I like most? Am I okay with and outdoor tent wedding if it rains or would a different style venue be a better match? These are really important questions to consider. If you are having a very large wedding there are some times limitations on style of venues and tent weddings are most appealing. If you feel like rain will just ruin your day then a tent wedding probably is not your style venue.  Tents are beautiful but not everyone will be best matched for a tent wedding given the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Hudson valley wedding venue - crested hen farms

Once you have narrowed down your answers to these questions you will be ready to begin the search because you know your price point, geographic area to search, must haves and a date range to request availability for when reaching out. This is going to help streamline your process and save you hours of work. I am confident you are ready to jump into this search and find the perfect venue in a less stressed manner. Enjoy!

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, feel free to reach out and chat with us about our Hudson Valley wedding venue scouting service.


Angela and the Elite Team