5 Ways to use Red in Your Wedding Color Palette in 2023

Move over blush and blue! Red is a classic wedding color that can be used in many different ways. From bright and bold to more muted tones, using red in your wedding color palette can add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding day. Today on the blog, we want to share some ideas on how to use red in your wedding color palette in case you are as inspired as we were by Pantone’s choice for the color of the year!

red wedding flowers in ceremony arch

#1 Don’t be afraid to get moody

Some say moody, we say romantic. We thought we would start off this post to say when we say red, we don’t necessarily mean that your wedding should be bright like a stop sign. The red family is HUGE and some of our favorite red hues are shades of burgundy, which can seem a little moody (but in a good way). While we will never say no to an abundance of red roses, that’s not the only way to include red in your wedding color palette in 2023!

burgundy wedding invitations

burgundy blankets for wedding guests

#2 Add Some Color to Your Groom’s Suit

Red wedding color palettes have been trending this year, and grooms seem to be fully embracing them! From classic tuxedos with burgundy details to brightly colored suits – the groom’s outfit is definitely getting an injection of personality. Will the groom settle for a subtle hint with a dapper red bow tie or will he go bold with a full-blown head-to-toe red suit? Whatever it is, we love how grooms are showing their personality through their attire this year!

groom wears a bright burgundy suit

#3 Red in Your Wedding Color Palette Makes a Striking Accent

For couples looking to add a pop of color to their wedding palette, there’s no better choice than the striking hue of red in 2023. This is especially true for floral displays, like ceremony arches or centerpieces, which can be enriched and given a sense of warmth with vibrant accents of red. While other elements of your big day may take center stage with neutral hues, adding in some red flowers can make otherwise classic color palettes feel warm and inviting. Whether you decide to make them a primary highlight or simply use them to accentuate other details with shades of burgundy, maroon, crimson and beyond–red is often the perfect final touch on your wedding design.

an example of using red in your wedding color palette

red wedding centerpieces

#4 Use Red to Round Out Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

Patterned bridesmaid dresses are becoming an increasingly popular trend for weddings and we are definitely a fan. Not only does this type of dress give bridesmaids more choice – by allowing them to pick different silhouettes, colors and styles – but it also provides an effortless way to create visual interest throughout the wedding party. If you go this route, we recommend using darker shades of red. Darker shades can be integrated into the decor scheme without clashing (it’s hard to find 5 dresses with the exact shade of bright red) or overpowering (when you don’t want the red in your wedding color palette to steal focus). This ensures everyone looks amazing while still remaining cohesive rather effortlessly.

patterned bridesmaid dresses in red wedding color palette

#5 Think Beyond Roses When Choosing Red Florals

Red Roses are gorgeous but not as versatile as some of the other red florals we have used in the past (and are looking forward to seeing in the 2023 wedding trends). When working with your wedding designer and florist, consider flowers like dahlias, peonies, or ranunculus to make a bigger impact. We always recommend asking your florist for ideas on what might me in season too!

bride stands with burgundy fall wedding bouquet red flowers on corner of rustic wooden seating chart red flowers on wedding cake

Keeping your wedding timeless and unique to you

One of the questions we often get when talking about 2023 wedding trends is “will this look dated in 10 years?”. When it comes to using red in your wedding color palette,  we don’t think so. Red is a timeless color that has been popular for centuries. It’s unlikely to ever truly go out of style. As we’ve shown here, its versatility makes it easy to incorporate into many different wedding themes. Whether your wedding is rustic, modern, or minimalist. Plus, red can be used in small doses such as accent pieces or decor – it doesn’t always take the center stage – which makes it unlikely to ever be a noticeable trend.

If you are currently planning a wedding in 2023, we would love to help you plan, design, and execute an incredible wedding day. As luxury Hudson Valley wedding planners for over a decade now, we know how important a wedding that is both beautiful and stress-free is to you. Learn more about working with us here, or connect with Angela directly here.