Spotify: For Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

Spotify: For Your Perfect Wedding Playlist


dancingI’m so excited to have discovered how to use Spotify to create the perfect music playlist. I signed up for an account quite some time ago but never actually tried it out. There’s just so many music apps out there that it can be overwhelming. I decided to put it to use after checking out A Perfect Blend Entertainment’s website and their wedding playlist page. It features wedding playlists from past couples. What a creative idea and an awesome tool for you to use! I browsed some of their recent additions  and created my own Spotify playlist from their song lists. It was so simple to do and I was amazed to hear how the songs just flowed so nicely together that I just couldn’t stop myself from creating several playlists. I’m no DJ but let me tell it’s not an easy job creating such an amazing playlist on your own that flows so nicely and will keep your guests dancing all night. Think about it for a minute. You have to actually predict what you think your guests will like and dance to. After putting together a few Spotify playlists based on APB’s playlists I thought to myself I need to share this with couples out there planning their wedding playlists!

Here’s a few sample Spotify playlists I created from their wedding playlist page. 



NOTE: These are not complete playlist but a sampling from the complete playlist and are not in the order the songs were played.


dancing weddingIt really doesn’t get any easier than this. A combination of APB’s playlist page and Spotify can save you hours of searching for music and trying to create the perfect wedding playlist.When you have 150 of your closest friends and family, of all ages and genders, how do you actually know what music will be the crowd pleasers? You don’t, but an experienced wedding DJ actually does! I don’t know the exact science of it but I have to say it’s not as easy as it looks. You probably know exactly what you like and what most of your friends like but actually getting a 150 people on the dance floor with your song list might be a challenge. So what I suggest is you make your song list, create a Spotify playlist and listen to it. Consider the following questions. Would it actually make you feel like dancing? Does the cocktail music make you want to listen to it or is it just good enough to be background music to kill the silence? Don’t expect to create your wedding playlist completely on your own tough. You should set a meeting with your DJ to discuss the songs you like and what your guests will actually want to get up and dance to. Your playlist should give the DJ an idea of what you like and not dictate every song he must play. You should leave the DJ with flexibility in what he can play. He can read the crowd and keep the party going while incorporating some of your favorite songs. After all that’s what you hire him to do.

If you’re still stumped on choosing the right music for your wedding or if you haven’t selected your wedding DJ yet get in touch with us by email, phone or our contact form. We know some of the best DJs around. 

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