7 Types of Wedding Venues You’ll Find in Hudson Valley

Finding the right wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the entire wedding planning process (after hiring us to be your Hudson Valley wedding planners, of course). When it comes to our wedding planning clients who already HAVE a venue, 9 times out of 10 they wish they had come to us before booking their wedding venue. It’s why we launched our wedding venue scouting service. So if you are recently engaged and starting the venue search, we hope you’ll contact us here to learn more. In the meantime, we are taking a break from our usual venue roundups and are instead sharing TYPES of wedding venues you’ll find in Hudson Valley to consider.

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Industrial Wedding Venues

As Hudson Valley wedding planners who have firmly said that ballrooms are not our thing, we have to admit that when it comes to types of wedding venues in the Hudson Valley, industrial venues seem to capture our heart the fastest. Hutton Brickyards is one of our favorite venues lately (you may have seen it featured on the blog more than once!) but Senate Garage and The Roundhouse are two other industrial wedding venues worth considering!

Senate Garage wedding ceremony setup wedding reception at the Senate Garage Senate garage wedding setup as an example of industrial wedding venue in Hudson Valley The Roundhouse wedding setup as an example of industrial wedding venue in Hudson Valley Roundhouse wedding reception Roundhouse wedding ceremony Hutton Brickyards cocktail hour setup industrial wedding venue Hutton Brickyards wedding reception Hutton Brickyards wedding setup as an example of industrial wedding venue in Hudson Valley Hutton Brickyards wedding reception Hutton Brickyards wedding ceremony

Barn Wedding Venues

If you love a natural aesthetic (and tend to fall for rustic touches), a barn wedding venue might be the right option for you. While we may wish we had sunshine here in the Hudson Valley all summer long, the reality is that it always pays to have an indoor backup plan! We have a few gorgeous barn wedding venues here in Upstate New York but a few of our favorites are Preston Barn and Meadowridge on Hudson.

Preston barn wedding receptionoutdoor wedding ceremony at Meadow Ridge Meadowridge wedding reception setup

Camp Wedding Venues

If you are dreaming of an outdoor wedding and want something a little different (especially if you are planning a destination wedding weekend), a camp wedding venue might be the place to tie the knot. A camp wedding venue often means a little more setup (because there is less “provided”) but we absolutely love customizing each and every element (and do not shy away from a more complicated wedding setup). Timber Lake Camp and Cedar Lakes Estate are two camp wedding venues we always find ourselves racing back to.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Timber Lake camp outdoor wedding reception at Timber Lake camp outdoor winter wedding in Hudson Valley indoor wedding reception at Cedar Lakes Estate indoor wedding reception at Cedar Lakes Estate

Estate Wedding Venue

Because we love to build from the ground up, estate wedding venues are a great option when you start looking at types of wedding venues in Hudson Valley. The photos below are from some of our favorite estate wedding venues (Troutbeck, Lundy Farm and Southwood Estate). Estate wedding venues can offer a lot of flexibility (if you find the right one) so whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor space, they just might be the one.

wedding ceremony at Troutbeck estate wedding venue wedding reception at Troutbeck estate wedding venue example of types of wedding venues in Hudson Valley - outdoor tent on estate Southwood Estate wedding ceremony Southwood Estate wedding reception decor outdoor tented wedding at Southwood Estate Lundy Farm wedding ceremony Lundy Farm wedding reception

Garden Wedding Venue

When we think about a garden wedding venue, the Shakespeare Garden at Vassar College is the first one that comes to mind. The garden surrounding their wedding ceremony spot is flawless. While it’s only available to alumni of Vassar College, if you love a garden wedding venue we would be happy to help you find an alternative.

garden wedding venue in NY bride and groom stand outside garden wedding venue garden door to wedding reception venue stunning garden wedding centerpieces

Farm Wedding Venue

There are a few types of farm wedding venues in the Hudson Valley but our favorite has to be Blue Hill. If farm to table catering ranks high on your wedding priority list, a farm wedding venue is likely a great fit. We are also always happy to plan and design a wedding on YOUR family farm if you have property that is available or meaningful to you.

outdoor wedding ceremony at farm wedding venue farm wedding decor outdoor tented wedding on a farm bride and groom kiss outside wedding at Blue Hill Blue Hill wedding ceremony Blue Hill Wedding Reception Decor

Vineyard Wedding

Lastly, we have vineyard weddings. While perhaps the least common when looking at types of wedding venues in the Hudson Valley, we had to include it here. We have had the absolute pleasure of working at Nostrano Vineyard a few times now and the landscape takes our breath away. If you are your partner love a glass of vino with friends, don’t overlook a wedding on a winery.

wedding ceremony at vineyard in Hudson Valley wedding photos at Nostrano Vineyards vineyard wedding reception in Upstate New York

Which Type of Wedding Venue Is Right For You?

There are so many incredible wedding venues here in Hudson Valley. We are incredibly proud to be working in a location that offers a large variety of types of wedding venues. If you need a little help finding the right wedding venue in Hudson Valley for you (because let’s be honest, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make!), we would love to support you. We have been working in the Hudson Valley for almost a decade now so if you want support, check out our venue scouting service here.