3 Things You Should Put In Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Wedding welcome bags are a great way to show appreciation for out-of-town guests. What better way to make them feel welcome? First, welcome bags can (and should!) be customized to suit your preferences (and personalities!). However, today we want to share a few things that we (as Hudson Valley wedding planners) believe are essential in every wedding welcome bag!  Have something you think we’ve missed? We’d love to hear your favorite local recommendations! DM us on Instagram. Looking for a wedding planner to help you with wedding welcome bags (and every aspect of your destination wedding)? Learn more about working with our team here!

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1. Snacks

First, you should always include snacks! It’s always nice to have something to munch on during busy travel days or late nights when dinner is running late. We always love when couples include a healthy and hearty option as well as more indulgent treats. Then, everyone can find something they enjoy snacking on throughout the weekend. As an added tip, we recommend choosing locally-made snacks that people may not have had access to before!

Here in the Hudson Valley, we love options like locally made granola from Upstate Granola or Raspberry Fields Farm (they also make mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies!).

Or, if you want something a little different, we love the Bjorn Qorn Locally Made Popcorn. We highly recommend the lightly salted version. Or, Papa’s Best Batch makes the best beef jerky or nuts if you know your guests love a salty treat.

Want something a little fun? Hudson Valley Marshmallow is a great option. Plus, they are super fun for smores at your welcome party.

2. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a universally adored treat, right? Building on our previous suggestion about snacks, we highly recommend including chocolate in the welcome bags for your guests.

Getting married in the Hudson Valley? You’re in luck, as the Hudson Valley is renowned for its exquisite chocolates. We encourage you to explore some of the region’s niche stores to discover a wide array of delectable options (and hey – we will help you taste test if you want!). From artisanal truffles to velvety smooth bars, there’s something for every chocolate lover.

A few of our favorites to include in wedding welcome bags? Hudson Valley ChocolatesKrauses Candy, and Alps Hudson Valley. Or, choose Lagusta’s Luscious for a vegan option. Trust us – your guests won’t believe what hit their tastebuds! We make GREAT chocolate here in New York.

chocolates for wedding welcome bags

Looking for something else to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth? Some of our couples choose to purchase bulk candy on Amazon and package them into bags themselves! We personally love when couples order their classic candy favorites and put them in separate “his” and “hers” bags. We love any opportunity our couples take to infuse their personalities into wedding planning and let their guests get to know them a little better!

3. Drinks

To make your guest’s welcome even more refreshing, consider sneaking in a small bottle of local spring water or adding some locally produced soda cans to create thoughtfully curated wedding welcome bags. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can include packets of powdered drink mixes, such as invigorating Vitamin C drinks, offering them something to quench their thirst and recharge their energy levels that they can take on the go!

We love this boxed water for an eco-friendly option or you can choose something like Perrier if you are feeling fancy. One of our personal favorites is Saratoga Spring Water (partly because of the pretty blue bottle and partly because it is bottled here in New York State). Or, if you are looking for something that’s just as refreshing but has a little more flavor, Recess infused sparkling water and Core Hydration are great options!

sparkling water for wedding welcome bags

Extra Tips for Packing Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Finally, when it comes to packing and distributing your wedding welcome bags, there are a few additional elements that you may want to consider. It is always nice to include consumables like the ones mentioned above, but you might also want to consider adding one or two personal touches to truly make your guests feel special. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly, either. For example, if you have the time before the wedding day, you could include a small handwritten note with each bag or incorporate something unique from a local business in your area. This will not only make your guests feel loved but also add an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Looking for Hudson Valley wedding planners to help you curate the perfect wedding welcome bag (and every single other detail that goes into a wedding day)? If you are getting married in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, or Berkshires area, we would love to hear from you. Reach out here to book a call.