Here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning, we have planned over a hundred weddings for couples just like you. We have countless stories where we have (humbly) saved the day without our couples ever knowing. So, when we make a bold statement like you need a wedding coordinator, we have the experience to back it up! Below, we are going to share just three reasons why (and talk about what your venue coordinator IS and IS NOT responsible for). If you have questions, we would love to have a conversation! Send us a DM on Instagram (we are always sharing real wedding inspiration in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Berkshires and beyond) or learn more about our different wedding planning services here

Your wedding coordinator represents YOU on the wedding day. 

Your wedding is a big investment, both with your time spent planning and your financial investment. On your wedding day, your wedding coordinator is there to execute YOUR vision. Simply put, we make sure that time/money was well spent. Your wedding coordinator handles all of the logistics (from the time the first vendor arrives to set up until the last song of the night), takes care of any emergencies that arise, and shields you from the craziness that happens behind the scenes. Trust us when we say, there have been many, many instances where something needs to be fixed or rearranged behind the scenes that our couples never find out about. 

Wedding coordinator helps bride with dress

You need someone to be an assistant to the bride and wedding party. This won’t be your venue coordinator and shouldn’t be your family & friends! 

Although a wedding coordinator works hard behind the scenes to cover the “basics” of the event, we believe that you also should have someone designated to take care of the couple on the wedding day. There needs to be someone to direct the wedding party, pin boutonnieres on groomsmen, stream the bridesmaids dresses, and assist your photographer gathering people for photos. Logistically, you also want someone with you to keep the “getting ready” part of the day running on time. When you don’t have someone with you, your assistant quickly becomes one of your family or friends or worse… your photographer. 

At Elite Wedding and Event Planning, we have done this many times before. As a company policy, we personally always have at least 3 team members at a wedding. No matter the size of wedding, we will always have one lead planner, one set up assistant planner, and one bridal attendant (for exactly this reason!). Nobody can be in multiple places at once, and you’ll want support in all areas! You don’t want to wonder who will help with your dress because your wedding planner left to tend to a setup emergency. Your maid of honor loves you, but they don’t want to fumble with a veil or bustle at the last minute!

wedding planner zips up wedding dress

Wedding Coordinators take the lead in sticky situations 

Every wedding has the potential to bring its own challenges. You are going to want someone in your corner – but we will share just one “common” example here. When one of the vendors or venue you booked are not giving 100% of their attention to your event (or maybe they are not responding to you at all), you need someone to intervene and take care of things for you. Although a wedding coordinator is different from a wedding planner (who will be with you from the start), wedding coordinators often help you tie up any loose ends 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. It’s this period of your wedding planning journey, responses are extremely time-sensitive. It can add so much stress to couples trying to manage all of the communication on their own.

Plus, because you know your intentions, it’s hard to catch if you’re “missing something”. The expert (and impartial) eye of a wedding planner can catch anything you may have missed. Before it becomes an issue!

So then, what does a venue coordinator do?

 Although we don’t believe they take the place of a wedding coordinator, venue coordinators also work hard to bring your wedding vision to life. At least, as long as it concerns the wedding venue. If you are working with an “all inclusive wedding venue” that covers catering, rentals, and more under one roof, your venue coordinator will confirm all arrangements made through the venue are executed properly.

However, anything outside of the venue (your florist, photographer, DJ, etc), is your responsibility. And while a venue coordinator won’t go out of their way to make things difficult, they will offer little support outside of pointing to where the event is being set up. After all, they are only one person and often busy with their own job. They won’t check that your centerpieces look correct or that your bouquets are delivered on time. On top of that, your venue coordinator is responsible for dozens, if not hundreds of weddings throughout the planning process. Your wedding might not be the only one they need to work at on the same day! 

Here at Elite Wedding and Event Planning, we often work at unique and nontraditional wedding venues. It’s a bit different if you choose a ballroom, where they do more or less the same thing every single time. Because of this, we are seeing more and more wedding venues require couples hire a wedding coordinator. They simply can’t scale the level of attention and support needed for unique affairs.

wedding coordinator helping bride down the aisle

Booking a Wedding Coordinator

Convinced yet? Honestly, when you look at the investment you are making on your wedding day, a wedding coordinator is a small price to pay to ensure everything you plan is executed well. Not only are we experts at solving last-minute wedding day problems, but just knowing someone is there beside you helps you remain completely present on your wedding day. Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to be worried about the details on your wedding day. You also don’t want the photographer who you paid top dollar for telling the officiant you are almost ready to start when they should be capturing those last-minute jitters and precious candid moments. 

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Berkshires, or beyond, we would love to hear from you. You can learn more about our wedding planning levels of service here. Or, if you already have a date, contact us directly here, and let’s have a conversation. We are already booking fast for 2022!